Hopfrog was founded in 2017 by a couple of highly-experienced pals from the craft beer trade. 

Hopfrog is employed by its partner breweries to help get their beers into further 

expanding markets. 

We are agents for a number of UK and worldwide breweries 

– both old & new school.

To order beer - get in touch with us by phone or email to let us know what beers you would like 

& when you would like them delivering.

Let us know your preferred route to market/distributor (there may also be a direct option) 

& we will organise it all.

Hopfrog will make sure you always enjoy the best pricing available.

You will be invoiced by the brewery or the distributor, with payment based on their normal terms.  

Hopfrog can organise setting up accounts for you with new distributors & breweries.

Full support is offered. If you would like us to organise an event – tap take-over or similar we would be 

happy to do so! 

Same for tech help, staff training & beer lists etc.

Give us a shout for any further info you require.

Any prices shown are ex-VAT & subject to availability.